RHOSS Spa provides quality goods designed for environmental comfort, making them available and accessible thanks to the advanced technological and organisational level achieved, and, above all, to the committed, reliable and dedicated approach that RHOSS personnel take to their job every day. The organisation and operations of the business are based on a Quality Management System. The Quality System currently implemented with the new ISO 9001-2015 version is based on rules and practices that are established and agreed on with the entire organisation. This system consists of well-defined processes applied in a systematic, planned and documented manner, with the following purposes:

  1. Operate on the market, improving management results;
  2. Monitor and optimise processes, correcting non-conformities due to waste and defects in order to continuously improve performance;
  3. Guarantee a suitable ethical conduct to all personnel and clients;
  4. Obtain full satisfaction from the client and all the stakeholders.

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