27 September 2019 News

It's in the papers now

It's in the papers now

Few months ago we presented you our reference regarding the Veterinary Clinic San Marco. Now an important trade magazine also mentioned us in a in-depth article. It was a real pleasure to joined with the costruction of this innovative and prestigious building. Click here for reference details.

24 September 2020 News

"A virtual meeting, a real partnership!" On September 23rd was held the Export Webinar Meeting 2020 : an event that was a great success among the part...

01 September 2020 News

New distribution agreement signed between Rhoss and AQ Cooling BV to improve and strengthen the presence of our products in the Netherlands. Rhoss,in...

07 August 2020 News

Relaxation and clean air, ideal conditions for guaranteed comfort, wherever you are. Happy Holidays to everyone and see you soon with lots of news and...