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19 Junio 2017


Restoration and Renovation of the Directional Complex of Corso Ferrucci n.112 in Turin. The building will now be used as an office...
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12 Junio 2017

ECS Group

Last week in Kiev was held the technical conference on the products of the ECS Group portfolio organized on the occasion of the fi...
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05 Junio 2017


Why adopt a VPF system? And why is RHOSS VPF system better than others? We have enclosed all the information in this document that...
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29 Mayo 2017

Sloane Square

Sloane Square, in central London. An important shopping center. Rhoss introduces the first reference to the TurboPOWER product by...
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22 Mayo 2017


Rhoss presents FullPOWER and FullPOWER VFD, the new generation of air cooled chillers with screw compressors and screw compressors...
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15 Mayo 2017


On May 13, the events of AiCARR and Climamed of MATERA 2017 were concluded. Great interest for RHOSS appointments, conferences and...
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10 Mayo 2017


MATERA 2017 has begun and we are already working. Here are some photos of the beginning of the works. #MATERA2017 #AICARR #CLIMAME...
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