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17 September 2019 News


NEXT AIR, with SKID platform, allow us to manage air flow of this company that provides medical products for large distribution; 18000m2 building surface (distributed over 2 floors). NextAir is our modular product focused on air traitment t...

09 September 2019 News

Hilton Hotel

When you go to the hotel, comfort is the king. Discover which units we were supplied for Hilton Hotel, one of the largest hotel chains in the World. and don't forget to learn more about our solution AirSuite for a...

30 August 2019 News

In the middle of the trees

A french company, specialized on production of electronic components for healthcare sector, chose Rhoss to suppling an EASYPACK THAETY 2112. Water chillers and packaged reversible air-cooled heat pumps with axial fans. Range with scroll her...