Air conditioning and air handling systems in airports

The climate in airports is an essential factor during stays in common areas.

Large spaces, extensive surfaces, check-in areas, waiting areas, shopping areas, but also small closed spaces and sophisticated lounge rooms for business class passengers, are areas common to all airports that require air conditioning and air handling systems suitable to guarantee comfort and well-being to people. Large spaces also translate into immense power at stake. Energy efficiency becomes a “priority requirement” in the same way as product reliability, which is destined to operate incessantly throughout the year. For this reason, airports require sophisticated plant engineering that is able to take advantage of all possible heat recovery.

RHOSS cooling units guarantee excellent energy performance: it is one of the highest in its category. Reliability is guaranteed by matchless design precision and building quality.

The range of air handling units with innovative recovery systems and exploitation of free-cooling, that is the exploitation of outdoor air to heat or cool the area freely in in-between seasons, provide comfort of large areas while maintaining low consumption.

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