After a complete catalogue of products with A2L refrigerants, Rhoss introduce the new range with natural refrigerant R290:

POKER290, high-temperature and low GWP reversible heat pumps with scroll compressor.

The new range is available in one size that can be coupled up to 4 units through the new integrated sequencer SDR, covering a capacity from around 48 up to 190kW.


Natural gas, no F-gas requirements

Ideal applied to new carbon-free systems or to replace traditional boiler systems

Thanks to the introduction of this new product, it is now possible to offer Fluorine-free refrigerant units for new installations, as well as building renovation with integration or total replacement of existing heating system, including gas boilers.



The main product features of this new range are:

  • Optimized design with R290 low GWP (3) natural gas.
  • Optimized structure, leak detector and ventilation system for total safety with A3 refrigerant.
  • Single refrigerant circuit, double compressor (fixed speed) configuration, with low noise operation of 76dB(A).
  • High seasonal performances with:
    • Low temperature SCOP up to 4,19
    • Medium temperature SCOP up to 3,57
  • Extended operating limits:
    • Hot water production up to 75°C, and 65°C hot water with external air down to -12°C (working range limit -20°C)
    • cold water production from -10°C up to 20°C with external air up to 50°C
  • SDR – Rhoss Dynamic Sequencer, integrated in the units, which includes also the domestic hot water production sequenced management.
  • Option V3V – 3-way diverting valve for DWH production.


POKER290: A naturally eco-friendly solution!

Come and discover it up close at the Rhoss stand at the ISH fair in Frankfurt hall 8 booth F81

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