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MHAITI 114-116 + IUB 16
Cooling capacity 11.3-11.6 kW
Heating capacity 14.5-16.1 kW

Two-section reversible air-water heat pumps. Range with hermetic rotary DC Inverter compressors and R32 refrigerant gas.


Key features

Low GWP R32 refrigerant

Energy class A+++

Temperature of the produced water up to 60°C

Domestic hot water production from –25°C to +45°C outdoor air

Indoor unit complete with circulator, expansion tank, 3-way valve for DHW and electrical resistance.

Touch-screen control panel.

APP for managing the unit via smartphone (iOS and Android)

New digital inputs and outputs



Construction features

IUB indoor unit
Indoor unit for wall mounting installation:
• Structure: made of galvanised and painted steel plate.
• Water side heat exchanger: adequately insulated stainless steel plates, complete with antifreeze heater.
• Pump unit complete with: EC circulator, automatic air vent valve, safety valve (3 bar), flow switch, expansion tank (10 l), pressure gauge, water filter.
• 3-way valve for the production of domestic hot water.
• Supplementary electrical resistance, system side.
• Control: microprocessor electronic control with touch-screen panel for integrated management of the heat pump and the heating system, according to the various requirements relating to the use of the energy sources:
- 3-way diverter valve management for domestic hot water production.
- Rapid heating function for domestic hot water.
- Anti-legionella cycle function, with activation timer.
- Auxiliary or supplementary heat source management.
- Operation in silent mode with timer.
- Weekly and daily time bands.
- Holiday mode and antifreeze function.
- Power consumption limiting function.
- 2-way on/off valve management for shutting off a part of the system, in heating or cooling mode.
- Management through room thermostat, as an alternative to the touch-screen panel.
- Unit activation from external contact (remote ON OFF), DHW/system mode activation from external contact
- Parental control and start-up menu password.
- Pump contact and 3-way valve status (digital outputs).
• Unit complete with:
- Outdoor temperature probe for set-point compensation.
- Remote ambient air temperature probe, for managing the unit according to the ambient set-point.
- Water temperature probe for domestic hot water tank (20 m).
- Communication cable between outdoor and indoor units.
• RS485 interface for serial communication with other devices (Modbus RTU protocol).
• iOS and Android APP for managing the unit via smartphone and tablet.
MHAITI outdoor unit
• Compressor: hermetic, twin rotary DC Inverter with steam injection, complete with thermal protection and casing heater
• Expansion valve: electronic.
• Cooling circuit with economiser
• Air side heat exchanger: finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium-manganese fins with Golden Fin anti-corrosion treatment in epoxy resin and hydrophilic treatment, complete with protection grilles.
• Fan: axial type impeller with DC brushless motors, equipped with internal thermal protection, accident protection grilles and proportional electronic device for continuous fan rotation speed adjustment.
• Structure: made of galvanised and painted steel plate RAL9002, complete with condensate drain pan and unit base antifreeze heater.


MHAITI+USB: 2-section air-water heat pump.

Separately supplied accessories

KSA - Rubber anti-vibration mounts.
KPRE - Wiring for RS485 serial connection to the touch-screen panel.

Technical data

MHAITI outdoor unit 114M 116M 116T
IUB indoor unit 16M 16M 16T
Heating capacity kW 14,50 16,10 16,10
Absorbed power kW 3,87 4,41 4,41
C.O.P. 3,75 3,65 3,65
Heating capacity kW 14,00 15,50 15,50
Absorbed power kW 2,98 3,44 3,44
C.O.P. 4,70 4,50 4,50
Cooling capacity kW 11,30 11,60 11,60
Absorbed power kW 4,04 4,38 4,38
E.E.R. 2,80 2,65 2,65
Cooling capacity kW 12,60 13,00 13,00
Absorbed power kW 3,41 3,60 3,60
E.E.R. 3,70 3,61 3,61
Sound pressure (outdoor unit) dB(A) 47 47 47
Available circulator head kPa 54 48 48
Electrical supply V-ph-Hz 230-1-50 230-1-50 400-3+N-50
Internal unit electrical resistance no. x kW 2 x 3,0 2 x 3,0 2 x 3,0
Refrigeration lines max length/height difference m / m 15 / 15 15 / 15 15 / 15
MHAITI outdoor unit 114M 116M 116T
L – Width mm 940 940 940
H – Height mm 840 840 840
P – Depth mm 460 460 460
Weight kg 104 104 110
IUB indoor unit 16M 16M 16T
L – Width mm 460 460 460
H – Height mm 860 860 860
P – Depth mm 315 315 315
Weight kg 58 58 60
IUB 16M 16M 16T
AMBIENT HEATING – Low temperature application 35°C
Pdesignh (EN 14825) kW 12,00 13,00 13,00
SCOP (EN 14825) 4,65 4,60 4,45
ηs % 183 181 175
Energy class A+++ A+++ A+++
AMBIENT HEATING – Average application temperature 55°C
Pdesignh (EN 14825) kW 13,00 13,00 13,00
SCOP (EN 14825) 3,50 3,50 3,35
ηs % 137 137 131
Energy class A++ A++ A++
  • Data at the following conditions:
  • Air: 7°C D.B. – 6°C W.B. – Water: 40/45°C.
  • Air: 7°C D.B. – 6°C W.B. – Water: 30/35°C.
  • Air: 35°C D.B. – Water: 12/7°C.
  • Air: 35°C D.B. – Water: 23/18°C.
  • In open field (Q = 2) at 5 m from the unit.
  • Weight refers to the most complete set up.
  • Performance according to EN 14511
  • In Average climatic conditions.
  • Seasonal energy efficiency: ambient heating in Average climate (EU Regulations No.811/2013 and No.813/2013)


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Technical notes

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