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Rhoss Integrated Sequencer

SIR – THE OFFER • The SIR built-in sequencer enables you to manage a maximum of 4 parallel plumbing chillers in medium/large HVAC systems. • The improved operating times and the connection of each single unit are controlled by logics embedded in the management software, with the guarantee of reliability over time. • The software, which is the core of the system, was designed and tested within the Rhoss Research & Development facility and can acquire and manage the main variables of the connected chillers. • Depending on the product range, the units of the group can interface with the main BMS on the market, for them to be monitored, to guarantee full control of each type of system (verify the option in the product documentation). SIR - Types of units managed • Chillers also with inverter technology • Reversible heat pumps and HT65 heat pumps • Multi-purpose units • Condenserless units (*) The ranges in which supervision is possible (the serial interface is required) are the following: - EasyPACK ECO, EasyPACK-I 2115-2130, EasyPACK-I EXP - WinPACK ECO, WinPACK HE 4240-4340, WinPACK SE 4150-4340, WinPACK-R, WinPACK ECO EXP, WinPACK EXP - WinPOWER ECO, WinPOWER ECO EXP, WinPOWER HE, WinPOWER SE, WinPOWER EXP - FullFLOW DX, Z-Flow E, FullFLOW VFD (1+i), FullFLOW ECO VFD (1+i) - FullPOWER EVO, FullPOWER EVO VFD, FullPOWER EVO VFD (1+i) - TurboPOWER - Y-Flow 4180-4410, Y-Flow E 4180-4360, Y-Flow EXP For other ranges/models, please contact Rhoss SPA for more information and to receive a quote. ATTENTION: 1) The SIR sequencer can be enabled in the units of the ranges mentioned above. Please refer to the specific documentation of each single range for more detailed information regarding features and attributes. 2) The SIR sequencer manages the same type of units with the same management software. It cannot be installed on existing units. Check compatibility with Rhoss Service. 3) Unit sequencer management is not provided for on both system and DHW sides, if a 3-way diverter valve is installed. 4) Special requests can be fulfilled upon verification by the Rhoss technical department. 5) Sequencer start-up is NOT compulsory, but optional. For further information, contact Rhoss Service

Key features

MASTER/SLAVE control up to 4 Rhoss hydronic units Summer/winter mode management for heat pumps System set-point management Control of chillers operating parameters



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