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HVAC software designer and developer

The person within the technical department and more specifically within the software area will be responsible for designing and implementing automation applications for our products and managing the product unit parameterisation system. The software designer reports to the technical director and coordinates with all design disciplines in the company.


  • Manage the automatic parameterisation system of produced units and follow the workflow of special units from the parameterisation point of view, as well as update the parameterisation of units in the field
  • Manage remote supervision systems
  • Design, implement and maintain automation applications in the HVAC field, using proprietary development environments for both machine control and user interaction interfaces
  • Design, implement and upkeep client/server applications for internal use relating to the automation of machine software commissioning
  • Produce and upkeep software documentation
  • Train internal staff and provide technical assistance on products within their competence
  • Configure electronic devices from external manufacturers (e.g. supervisors, electronic boards for conversion between industrial protocols) as well as provide assistance on the same



    Previous experience in the role and in the HVAC sector is an asset



    • Fair knowledge of the English language
    • Accuracy, autonomy and resourcefulness at work
    • Good learning skills in electronics and computer science
    • Proficiency in at least one programming language (any)


    Preferential selection factors are:

    • Previous experience in the HVAC sector
    • Experience as a software developer in electronic programming languages based on FBD and ST standards
    • Knowledge of C, PHP, HTML, C#/VB.NET languages
    • Experience with the use of industrial communication protocols (Modbus, Bacnet, LON)
    • Experience with the use of PLCs (any manufacturer)
    • Experience with remote data collection and analysis systems



    • computer engineer, electronics engineer
    • IT expert, electronics expert



    • Independent problem solving skills
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Relational and mediation skills

    Other open positions.

    • Mechanical designer
      The resource will be placed within the technical office and will report to the R&D and Technology Manager. Specifically, he/she will be in charge of designing HVAC systems with the relative structural and mechanical components, defining the best construction solution in terms of the choice of carpentry, the layout of the components, the development of the refrigeration circuit and the passage of electrical wiring. All in compliance with product safety regulations. MAIN ACTIVITIES:
      • Ensuring the coding of new components and constructive assemblies of machines, arriving at the definition of the bill of materials of the units.
      • Carrying out drafting or alternative tools to assist the production department, providing dimensional and other data useful for the creation of product documentation.
      • Proposing any corrective actions and/or devising new solutions to respond to reports from Operations or Quality on critical issues related to technical-production aspects.
      • Assessing and verifying the technical-productive feasibility (from the mechanical point of view) of manufacturing new products based on the product specifications drawn up by the Marketing department;
      • Assessing and verifying the technical-productive feasibility (from a mechanical point of view) of manufacturing Tailor Made products on the basis of the speciality description sheets drawn up by the Sales Department.
    • Quality Assurance Specialist
      Reporting directly to the Quality Manager, the person will have the opportunity to make professional contributions in order to improve internal processes, generate and monitor quality KPIs, and strengthen and spread the culture of quality. MAIN ACTIVITIES:
      • Propose ideas for improving the level of qualityDefine and implement process and product procedures and standards
      • Define quality control specifications
      • Plan and carry out inspection checks
      • Monitor business processes to verify the application of protocols and compliance with predefined procedures
      • Analyze and process data on customer satisfaction and expected customer quality
      • Select suppliers in compliance with quality standards
      • Spreading the culture of quality
    • Electrician
      Following the instructions of the department head and shift manager, he is in charge of electrical assembly on the machine MAIN ACTIVITIES:
      • Electrical assembly on the machine (electrical panels already wired)
      • Assemble the metalwork of electrical panels
      • Electrical panel -machine connection (set up cable ducts, position components, identify terminals and connect cables, switches, sockets, terminals according to the specifications in the wiring diagram).
    • Welders/brazers
      The person will work in our 'macro' department, i.e. the department dedicated to large tailor-made units (tailored to our customers' needs). He/she will be in charge of braze welding for the construction of a refrigeration circuit.  MAIN ACTIVITIES:
      •  flame brazing
    • Export Manager
      Reports directly to the Export Sales Director, the Export Manager will be responsible for the development and commercial management of the area assigned to him/her and will also be the contact person for the French branch.  MAIN ACTIVITIES:
      • He/she is responsible for the Rhoss France branch in terms of growth and development of the related market
      • He/she is responsible for managing distributors and customers in the assigned areas both in terms of developing new distributors and customers, and maintaining and expanding the existing customer and distributor portfolio.
      • Negotiating contracts with existing and new customers
      • Ensuring compliance with all export policies and procedures and regulations