EasyPACK-I ECO, the new air cooled chillers and reversible heat pumps range with inverter driven scroll compressor sand low GWP R32 refrigerant is now part of Rhoss offer.

The new product range is available in 6 sizes, covering a capacity from around 70 to 130kW, and 2 versions:

  • T version – High efficiency
  • Q version – Super silenced

The main product features of these new models are:

  • Optimized design with R32 low GWP ecological gas.
  • Single refrigerant circuit, double compressor (fixed speed + inverter) configuration, with two optimized structures.
  • High seasonal performances with SEER up to 5,04 and SCOP up to 4,27 (low temperature) and up to 3,29 (medium temperature)
  • Extended operating limits:
    • 60°C hot water production from 3°C to 40°C of external air temperature, and 50°C hot water with external air down to -9°C (working range limit -15°C)
    • cold water production up to 20°C with external air up to 50°C
  • VPF_R control (Variable Primary Flow by Rhoss).
  • SIR – Rhoss Integrated Sequencer, which now includes also the domestic hot water production (via 3-way valve) sequenced management.
  • Desuperheater management with economy mode to enhance the global efficiency of the unit
  • Option DSVP – desuperheater with mixing valve and pump

Thanks to the introduction of this new product range, Rhoss completes the EasyPACK offer, already including EasyPACK, EasyPACK-I and EasyPACK ECO.

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