Electa-ECOS-B-IN the new range of two-section reversible air-water heat pumps recessed with domestic hot water tank and R32 refrigerant.

Electa-ECOS-B-IN is designed for residential application in houses and flats, on new buildings or those undergoing renovation; the solution integrates the main system components for easy and rapid installation in a very compact, recessed internal module.

The range designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production using a 150 l tank consists of:
– an IN/150 indoor module, for recessed installation (consisting of a cabinet, domestic hot water tank, hydro-sanitary unit and an indoor unit of a split heat pump)
– an outdoor unit of an Electa-ECOS-B split heat pump.

Electa-ECOS-B-IN has interesting competitive advantages, such as:
– Low GWP R32 refrigerant
– Energy Class A++ in heating and Class A in DHW production with load profile L
– Temperature of the produced water up to 60°C and up to 80°C with additional electric resistance on DHW side
– Domestic hot water from -25°C up to +45°C outside air
– Indoor recessed unit with circulator, expansion tank, 3-way valve, DHW storage tank and electric resistance.
– Reduced internal module footprint: only 350 mm in depth, 950 mm in width and 2200 mm in height, for recessed wall-mounted installation.
– Touch-screen control panel.
– APP for managing the unit via smartphone (iOS and Android)

Electa-ECOS-B-IN is available in 4 different models:
– MHAITI 104+IUB 06 +IN/150
– MHAITI 106+IUB 06 +IN/150
– MHAITI 108+IUB 10 +IN/150
– MHAITI 110+IUB 10 +IN/150

With the following performances:
– Heating capacity: 4.0 – 6.0 – 8.0 – 9.5 kW
– Cooling capacity: 3.2 – 4.1 – 5.3 – 6.5 kW
– DHW nominal capacity: 150 l

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