We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the new FullFLOW-I BOOSTER ECO/ECOA1 ranges in our Rhoss offering. These non-reversible water source heat pumps  (heating-only) provide an innovative and eco-friendly solution for your high temperature heating needs.

With screw inverter compressors and low GWP refrigerants such as R1234ze (ECO version) or R515B (ECOA1 version), these units ensure high performance with a reduced environmental impact.


Key Features 

Versatility – 7 Available Sizes: ranges cover heating capacity from approx. 400 to 1000 kW (in 70/78 °C – 45/40 °C conditions), ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

  • Extended Operating Limits: with hot water production up to 85°C.
  • Precise regulation and efficient operation with inverter-driven screw compressors. Single refrigerant circuit configuration with 1 screw compressor with variable speed through external inverter
  • Optimized Design with ecological low GWP refrigerant gas, R1234ze (1.37) and R515B (GWP 288 and A1 class).
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: Available in the T version, designed to offer high energy efficiency with SCOP (medium temperature) up to 5.04.
  • SIR – Rhoss Integrated Sequencer: Integrated in the units.
  • Perfect solution for the combination with heat pumps or EXP multipurpose units (in cascade configuration) suitable for commercial, tertiary, residential, and industrial applications, efficiently raising hot water temperatures beyond the usual operating limits of heat pumps.
  • Ideal operation also in stand-alone configuration, with hot water production also with lower water source-side temperatures.
  • Numerous Options and Accessories: Including a 7” touch keyboard (on-board or remote) and setup for outdoor installation.


The FullFLOW-I BOOSTER ECO/ECOA1 ranges represent a major step forward in our offering of sustainable, high-efficiency heating solutions.

With these new units, Rhoss confirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the market’s growing need for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Rhoss – Innovation, Sustainability, Efficiency.