Rhoss presents UNTR-T FRESH the new range of fresh air units with counterflow static heat recovery.

A range with an air flow rate from 400 to 3.300 m3/h.



UNTR-T FRESH has interesting advantages, such as:

  • Very high efficiency static heat recovery, with aluminum plates with counter-current flows
  • Sandwich panels with 40mm thickness
  • Mineral wool insulation, class A1 fire reaction
  • Competitive positioning on the market
  • Compact size
  • Low noise EC Brushless fans
  • Integrated controls complete with electrical box, regulator and user panel.
  • High efficiency filters ISO ePM10 50% (M5) + ISO ePM1 50% (F7) in the supply side and ISO ePM10 50% (M5) in the return side
  • EPDM gaskets on panels and balloon gaskets on inspection doors to ensure full air tightness
  • Stainless steel condensate drain pan, fully integrated into the panel with lateral drain
  • Management of heating / cooling / summer dehumidification / air quality options depending on the accessories ordered
  • Integrated Modbus RTU serial interface via RS485 connection


Maximum energy efficiency and savings!

The heat recovery unit retains the heat and thermal energy contained in the outgoing air, and then transfers it to the incoming fresh air. This reduces the consumption of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, resulting in considerable savings.

Ideal for applications where class A1 insulation is required for fire reaction


For the UTNR-T FRESH range, various accessories are available, supplied loose on dedicated sections. Valves, probes and actuators can be combined to allow the complete management.


All UTNR-T FRESH models comply with the minimum requirements of CE 1253/2014.

Click here for more details https://www.rhoss.it/products/utnr-t-fresh/