Rhoss introduces Idrowall-I the new range of hi-wall fan coils in addition to the existing Idrowall-I/V3 models.

  • New design
  • Brushless EC motor with continuous variable speed control
  • Electronic control and remote control as standard
  • Wired panel with master/slave function
  • Resident serial interface
  • Easy installation

Idrowall-I is available in 4 models including- Idrowall-I 45 – which offers more capacity than the models in the Idrowall-I/V3 range

  • Idrowall-I 20: cooling capacity 2.2 kW and heating capacity 2.4 kW
  • Idrowall-I 25: cooling capacity 2.7 kW and heating capacity 2.9 kW
  • Idrowall-I 35: cooling capacity 3.6 kW and heating capacity 3.9 kW
  • Idrowall-I 45: cooling capacity 4.3 kW and heating capacity 4.7 kW

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