Performance and Efficiency with low GWP!

WinPOWER ECO TWIN and WinPOWER ECO EXP TWIN, Rhoss air-cooled heat pumps and EXP multi-purpose units with scroll compressors and R454B refrigerant gas, extending the cooling capacity up to 1300 kW.


The cooling capacity extension concerns the following ranges:

  • WinPOWER ECO TWIN – air cooled heat pumps with scroll compressors, 7 new sizes: THAETU-THAEQU 8900÷121320;
  • WinPOWER ECO EXP TWIN – air cooled polyvalent EXP units with scroll compressors, 7 new sizes: TXAETU-TXAEQU 8900÷121320.


ECO TWIN: new ranges in R454B more and more efficient!

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