The perfect match: 11 modular models, 3 versions, 4 configurations, 4 dedicated pumping group for more than 500 combinations to connect at Rhoss chillers.


A new range of additional modules, to enable Freecooling operation on current Rhoss chillers and reversible heat pumps, are now part of Rhoss offer. The new product range is available in 11 sizes, covering a capacity from 55 to 1345 kW, and three versions:

  • B version – Compact
  • T version – High efficiency
  • Q version – Super silent


The main product features of these new models are:

  • Optimized design to keep high efficiency in a wider range of applications.
  • Available also in No-Glycol version
  • High performances with EER up to 40,2
  • Extended operating limits: -23°C up to 50°C ambient temperature
  • Single and double Pump and Tank&pump integrated pumping groups for high residual pressure


Thanks to the introduction of this new product range, it is now possible to offer units WinPACK, WinPACK-R, WinPACK ECO, WinPOWER, WinPOWER ECO, FullPOWER EVO and FullPOWER ECO ranges with Freecooling operation option.


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