Rhoss presents PONENTE 1000, an innovative indoor air sanitation and purification device based on photocatalysis.
Air has never been so healthy!

Always focused on air quality issues and at the forefront of providing complete solutions in times of pandemic emergencies,
Rhoss is expanding its horizons and becoming a key player in technological and health progress with the introduction of a NEW state-of-the-art device: the Ponente 1000 filter.
An exclusive patent resulting from scientific research

Effective against Covid-19
100% inactivation of the SARS Cov-2 virus in 30 minutes. Eliminates bacteria, fungi, odours.

Patented quality
Innovative and patented NANOHUB KtV® filtration system.

Fast and automatic
Sanitises room air in minutes with automatic activation.

Totally harmless

100% non-hazardous to humans. Safe for inhalation, no ozone, no UV light.

100% environmentally friendly
No discharge into the air. No disposal material. Very low operating costs.

The nano-coating has an eternal lifetime. Easy installation in any unit.

An innovative solution for energy saving!
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